Friday, 10 May 2013

Top 10 Things Every Woman Should Have!

Our Emerald Statement Necklace in Grazia Magazine's Summer Top 10

Quote of the Day:

"Whoever said that money can’t buy happiness, simply didn't know where to go shopping"
- Bo Derek

Let's get right down to business shall we, in every woman’s mind there is a filthy obsession, whether it is the chic leopard heels or the button up a boyfriend shirt. We all have them, and as quoted we all want to know where to shop to fill that empty space in our closet or to just upgrade our wardrobes. Bindi Boutique delivers the ultimate list which will get you trolling the internet. With the holiday season approaching, you can use this list to search the internet for that exclusive MUST HAVE purchase and go into the world of shopping heaven! Bindi Boutiques top 10 must haves:

  1. This season's biggest trends include a heavy dose of stripes. Thick or thin, bright or basic, these are the shirts, dresses, skirts, pants, and accessories we recommend shopping for!
  2. Cocktail Ring – If the ring fits wear it, an oversized ring to make that statement sparkle.
  3. Nail Art – From glitter to animal prints, this season we are going nutty for nail art. Add a touch of sparkle to your own manicure and get the party trends.
  4. Dare to be bold: Spice up your spring look with these sophisticated-but-shiny patent leather tops, dresses and pumps.
  5. Everyone needs a big bag, for a pair of flats, sunglasses, scarf and all those essentials!
  6. Decorated Chunky bracelets - Chunky bracelets can add a touch of fun, elegance or glamour to any outfit.
  7. Nothing beats denim. Shop now for the jeans, jackets, and more in fall's biggest trends, whether darkly romantic, edged with leather, or gilded in gold.
  8. Grazia presents this Summer’s must have Statement Necklace by Butterfly Jewellery. This bold necklace from the London based boutique, is now available at
  9. Statement Sunglasses: Sunglasses always finish off a look! From crazy cat eye shapes to pretty pastels to way-out-there whimsy looks, the options are endless this Summer.
  10. A perennial favourite, the floral print finds a romantic revival on the Summer runway.
Top Ten Things Every Woman Should Have

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